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Specialists in Currency Management

Independent – FX Alpha Investments is the first independent German specialist in Currency Management. We concentrate on successful investment solutions in FX alpha strategies, currency overlay und currency advisory.

Innovative – As specialists in currency management we realize sustainable added value for our clients systematically. Our unique allocation module in conjunction with a customized strategy portfolio is exemplary. This helps our investors to gain a privileged access to the ever changing currency markets.

Value added – Systematic currency management could add significant excess return to international diversified portfolios i. For this purpose we employ two independent strategies: our proprietary quantitative currency model which demonstrates remarkable robustness since 15 years and our discretionary management. With the insight of our currency specialists and our unique currency allocation module we build a diversified portfolio with superior return characteristics and disciplined risk control.

Experienced – Our partners Herwig Prielipp and Christian Schwerdtner have a solid knowledge of 20+ years each in currency markets. Their experience was gained with asset managers, investment banks, corporates and insurance companies in the U.S., U.K., Switzerland and Germany.